Bicycle Repair Stands Appearing Around St. Albert!

St. Albert Bike Association is stoked to announce the installation of our Bicycle Repair Stands!!

In partnership with the City of St. Albert and the Environmental Initiatives Grant Program, SABA has worked over the last 2 years to design, acquire, and install these repair stands.

They include a set of common tools that you can use to make minor repairs or adjustments on your bicycle while out enjoying the incredible Red Willow Trail system in St. Albert, as well as a winterized foot pump to inflate your tires if they’re low.

So far two stations have been installed along the trail system; One near Woodlands Skate Park, and the other near the stone statues behind St. Albert Place. There’s a third waiting to be installed around the Lacombe Lake area once the City gets the concrete poured for it. Along with these bike stands, SABA also worked with the City to design and install a skateboard repair station at Woodlands Skate Park!

We hope these stands will be a welcomed and well used facility for cyclists around St. Albert!



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